Intergas tears up rule book on boiler service intervals

Innovative boiler manufacturer, Intergas, is introducing a new service protocol for its smart boilers that will benefit property landlords. All Eco RF boilers installed from1st May 2019 will now only need to be serviced after 1,700 hours of operational use, rather than every 12 months.

The RF technology embedded in the boiler, together with the Intergas LAN Gateway, will enable the installer to track boiler performance remotely from a specially developed Service Dashboard. The installer will receive an alert when the boiler is approaching 1,700 hours so that a service visit can be arranged. Once market uptake has been assessed, the new low NOx boilers, the Xclusive and Xtreme,will also become eligible for a 1,700 hourservice.

Speaking about this new servicing scheme, Stephen Zouch, Managing Director, Intergas, said: “It has never made sense to service a boiler based on an arbitrary date in the diary. If you don’t use your boiler for months at a time, why should you pay for Stephen Zouch from Intergasa service at the end of 12?

“Using data from the Netherlands, where Intergas’s RF technology has been in operation for the past seven years, the optimum time to carry out a service is after 1,700 hours’ usage. The motor industry hasused this system successfully for decades, and we have the ability to do the same.”

This is a fundamental change to the way boilers are serviced, Zouch explains. Not only will it cut down on unnecessary servicing, it will allow installers to monitor boiler performance regularly and remotely, update customers on potential maintenance issues, which can often be resolved off site, introduce new products or services where appropriate and continue to service customers’ boilers, after 1,700 hours instead of 12 months, too.

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