EFI Engines – Mow longer, for less

The electronic fuel injection EFI engine fitted to the Cub Cadet Enduro Series lawn tractors provides greatly reduced fuel use and lower emissions allied to significantly improved power performance.

Electronic fuel injection replaces the need for a carburettor that mixes air and fuel. The engine control unit monitors the engine sensors and determines the precise amount of fuel that needs to be delivered to meet the power demand. The EFI injects fuel directly into the engine’s manifold or cylinder using electronic controls. This spraying action is more effective at mixing the fuel for improved efficiency. The engine on the Cub Cadet lawn tractors uses up to 25% less fuel than carburettor engines that deliver comparable results. This will save you money on fuel, and time on having to refill the tank – reducing interruptions to your mowing.

The electronic controls on the EFI also help to ensure that the engine produces a consistent power supply. There are no power delivery interruptions when using the machines on rough terrain as there is no fuel float as found on a conventional carburettor engine.

Easier starting, whether the engine is hot or cold. The engine sensors identify precisely the volume of fuel needed to start the engine depending on the temperature of the engine, so no need for a manual choke. When time is money getting the engine started by just pushing a button can improve your efficiency.

Fuel atomisation is achieved by spraying directly into the engine manifold ensuring a more complete and efficient burning and less emissions, a feature coupled with greatly improved air/fuel mix from the engine sensors – all of which has helped the Cub Cadet EFI engine achieve Stage V emission standards.

The EFI ensures the engines runs far more cleanly than when using a carburettor resulting in reduced maintenance and servicing costs. The biggest cause of down time during the cutting season can be attributed to the fuel - the amount of Ethanol that is in modern fuels causes moisture in the fuel mix, which then clogs up the jets of the carburettor and prevents the engine from starting. EFI Engines - Club Cadet LogoWith the EFI, you have no carburettor, so you do not get this problem as the fuel mix is always correct. This extends the life of the engine and as there is no carburettor to drain or clean, saves you time, money and hassle. The engines are fitted with a simple trouble shooting and diagnostic system that allows servicing to be done quickly by trained Cub Cadet dealers.

With an EFI engine there is no need to use stabilisers during the mowing season. When the mower is put into winter storage the fuel tank doesn’t need to be drained as long as it is treated with a stabiliser; the system is sealed so that the fuel will not encounter oxygen and become stale.

Cub Cadet were the first to bring a fuel injected V-Twin engine into the lawn tractor market back in 2016 bringing significant improvements in efficiency, power and ease of use and have continued development work to innovate and make the EFI engine’s performance stand up to the ultimate user experience you want when you purchase a Cub Cadet.

The XT2 PR106ie retails at £4,549 and the XT2 PS117i at £3,999. Both are available from a Cub Cadet dealer. There are also Cub Cadet Zero Turn models that feature this engine technology as well, so for more information and to find your local dealer go to www.cubcadet.co.uk