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Cereals Event - 10th to the 11th June 2020.

Farm machinery and equipment is advancing at an incredible rate – and visitors to the Cereals Event will be able to see the latest technology in action, with many UK debuts. 

Among those making their first entrance onto the UK stage will be Lemken’s new trailed sprayer, the Orion. “Field sprayers with tank volumes between 4,000 and 6,000 litres are very much in demand among farmers and contractors,” says general manager Paul Creasy. “What they want most are ease of operation, excellent flushing performance and a boom control that consistently maintains the optimal distance to the crop.”

People enjoying their Dockyard Gin distillery tour

Kentish grain grown in fields within 20 miles of the distillery’s home in Chatham Dockyard makes Dockyard Gin extra special.

Grains from local farming partner – Burden Bros on the Isle of Sheppey – are delivered at the distillery via a 113-year-old grain barge, the Edith May, on a three-hour voyage from the island to Chatham.

And sourcing produce locally helps the brand control the quality and consistency of every drop. 

A contemporary take on traditional naval gins, Dockyard Gin is certainly unique and makers say: “Crafted through our unique hand-made copper still Janet, we infuse our gin with only the finest botanicals sourced from across the globe. Dry, with subtle citrus hints and spicy aromatic flavours, this gin steers tradition into unexpected waters.”

Forklift sweeper attachment on mud

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Brushtec is one of the leading manufacturers of brushes and brushware in the world. Working with clients across a diverse mix of industries, including the industrial, agricultural and municipal sectors, Brushtec has developed a wide range of products, from brushes for cows and vegetables to machinery and equipment cleaning brushes and innovative forklift sweeper attachments.

Zippo Heatbank

Zippo has launched the latest addition in its best-selling line of reusable Hand Warmers: Zippo HeatBank™: Available in 3-hour and 6-hour run times, these slim, sleek HeatBanks offer dual-sided heat to ensure continuous, gentle warmth.

The Faulks Grain Shovel

WIN A Faulks Grain Shovel - WORTH £20.70

A good shovel is the basic tool everyone working in the country needs – it’s got to be light, strong and reliable to make life easier.

The last thing you want is for that dreaded “crack” to happen and another shovel to bite the dust while you’re halfway through an important job.

Based in North Yorkshire, Millbry Hill has been supplying the equestrian community with horse equipment, horse rider clothing and equestrian supplies since 1925.

Now Millbry Hill stocks an extensive range of saddlery and equestrian equipment, as well as being one of the largest horse feed merchants online, offering horse feed, balancers and supplements from leading brands.

In addition, its clothing range covers country sports and outdoor pursuits for men, women and children and you can expect to find brands from Hunter and Barbour to Alan Paine and Schoffel.

Grubs wellington boots

Farm Diversity have teamed up with Internet Gardener to give you, our readers a chance to win a pair of Grubs boots.

An essential item of farming attire is a reliable pair of wellies that has the capability of dealing with everyday outdoors life effectively. This means you need something sturdy and reliable. The Grubs range of boots have been providing farmers this reliability for years. In fact, the entire range of footwear is designed by the Foster family, who has been designing specialist agricultural boots and footwear for eight generations.

How Grubs boots are perfect for farmers

The Grubs Eskline wellington in particular, is designed for people who wear boots all day every day. This style is ideal for winter farming, as they offer superb insulation, grip and are completely waterproof. The robust hiking boot style V-pattern sole is a proven design, offering a sure-footed experience over a range of surfaces including mud and slurry, making them ideal for farming life. The rubber high loft exterior is robust and offers great protection from brambles, thorns and barbed wire and is easy to hose down, especially after using with disinfectants