SoulPad bell tent

SoulPad Ltd are a Norfolk based, luxurious bell tent manufacturer. Since 2007 they have been helping Farmers in their local community (and further-a-field) to turn their hand to Glamping.

At the core of their values, SoulPad believes that being outdoors should be a luxurious and comfortable experience. Director; Zoe Vanderstay says; "Farmers are reporting higher yields from their dedicated Glamping areas than most crops!" With such a low initial outlay, and a high return on the initial investment, it's clear to see how this can be. Glamping is a well-established boom industry that is buoyed by the rise of the Staycation (a blend of two words - 'stay' and 'vacation'). Zoe tells us "more and more people are giving up their regular holiday abroad to experience a summer holiday in Britain instead. Quality time with the family is high on most people's agenda, and Glamping offers a wholesome experience to those used to a bit of luxury.”

Glamping Show outdoor area

The glamping phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing down in 2020, with new sites springing up all over the place.
Last year a UK Caravan & Camping Alliance report identified glamping as an opportunity for sites to attract the younger generation, after booking apps fuelled the rise of the short break booked at the last minute.
The diversification of glamping accommodation has led in many directions – from the basic pods which offer a space to camp on the floor, to huge family units with multiple rooms, beds, TVs and bathroom facilities. 
In 2018 there were 1,685 glamping-only campsites in the UK, according to the UKCCA, and that figure is on the rise. Many more existing holiday parks have added a glamping offering to their portfolio of accommodation. So staying ahead of the competition is vital if you want to be fully booked this year. 
Farm Diversity editor Victoria Galligan takes a look at how, with some hard work and creative thinking, your glampsite could become the next big thing this season…

Lotus Belle Glamping Pod

Lotus Belle was founded by British designer Hari Seddon in 2012, with the desire to create a tent as portable and easy to set up as a bell tent with the spacious comfort of a yurt. It's been one of the most popular choices for glamping sites throughout the world ever since. 

The 5m model has a very roomy 18sqm of standing space, with 1.8m of headroom throughout the tent. This means you can furnish with full sized beds and furniture, giving this tent the feeling of a luxury hotel room. As well as that, it's a breeze to pitch, a one-person job in under half an hour. For the fraction of the cost of a Shepard's Hut, you can pull in between £70-150 a night, because there's no denying the Lotus Belle, with its simple clean lines and unique shape is a beautiful structure. It's come to be the very essence of boutique camping, defining the Glamping movement. It photographs so well, making it an easy draw for bookings and great content for your social media presence. It really does sell itself. Our customers often tell us that their Lotus Belles pay for themselves within the first season. So, if you’re new to glamping they’re a safe and easy to manage choice. 

Spirits Intent - a glamping tent

We are Spirits Intent, a small, successful, UK based tent-making business, and have been working in the glamping industry for 15+ years, watching it grow from humble beginnings to a mainstream trend. Alongside this we have set up a project called Heartland, a centre for sustainable tourism on a yurt campsite in the mountains of Abruzzo, Central Italy. In this region, as often is the case, farmers have had to compete more and more with big agricultural industry and there is much depopulation as young people are moving away to the cities. This trend leaves villages empty, land abandoned and the traditional ways of farming, culinary skills and folk traditions dying with the older generation.

MWD Makers - glamping units

MWD Makers has recently unveiled a new and unique range of architect-designed highly insulated micro units that can be used as glamping pods or additional living accommodation. These designs offer the opportunity to escape the pressures of the modern world and access a simpler and slower pace of life closer to nature.
People are more than ever in need of rediscovering physicality and a sense of place, and this is something that closer contact with nature can provide. MWD Makers design simple living spaces that satisfy people’s cravings to reconnect with the wild. MWD Makers take pleasure in the handmade, the use of local, natural materials and the enjoyment of simple things, believing that real luxury derives from the ability to live in harmony with one’s environment.

A glamping pod from The Pod Company

We were at the beginning of this Glamping phenomenon and are the largest pod manufacturer in the UK. Our pod designs have been copied many times, but the true iconic design camping pod still remains with us.

Pod companies will come and go, but we will continue to grow year on year. We have pod agents all over the globe, we are the only company to do this, we remain sharp and adventurous and intent on all rising markets for this product, always marching  forwards to gain any foot hold to secure new business for us, the future is positive and we are upbeat on current and forth coming orders.

Slades Farm Leisure Pods

Slades Farm Leisure build hand crafted Pods for a variety of outdoor situations . We retain the flavour of camping, the comfort of caravanning and the appeal of outdoor accommodation by a  build that reflects the current appetite for unique structures and living spaces for holidays and breaks in the UK.

 Building the same models that we use on our own site we know the appeal and demand for Glamping currently growing in the UK continues to grow

Don't miss out on this holiday trend of Glamping by adding our Pods to your existing accommodation. Built to order and delivered ready to site they can be up and running within a few hours as they hook up on pitches similar to a caravan.

 Why not create  an area dedicated to Glamping  with a next to nature experience and you will see the impact they have on reservations immediately?

a unique glampsite

As the glamping trend took off around 10 years ago, farmers and landowners up and down the country installed pods, washroom and camping facilities to attract this new, younger and hipper crowd of campers. But, as the team at Quality Unearthed tell our editor Victoria Galligan, it’s not as easy to attract guests now the competition has grown – unless you can provide a wow factor. Here, they advise on how to create an Insta-worthy glampsite which will get visitors return year on year.

Glampsite Q&A with Quality Unearthed's Tim Rees…

Bespoke buildings from Lune Valley Timber Buildings

Lune Valley Timber Buildings are manufacturers of bespoke camping pods, shepherds huts, garden rooms, amenity blocks and stables based in north Lancashire. The many different buildings thathave been made are used in a wide variety of applications, from letting applications to extra space for school classrooms.

The most popular buildings supplied are the pods – these have been delivered from the south of Cornwall to the north of Scotland and many places between. Withluxury internal finishes and superb return oninvestment rates for site owners, it’s easy to see why the Lune Valley pods are so popular up and down the country.

Huts & Stuff Shepherd Hut

Huts and Stuff make Shepherds Huts to suit many uses: Their Field and Farm Shepherd's Huts make great entry Glamping solutions ideal for ramblers, walkers and cyclists accommodation. While the “Severn”, their 16ft River Range hut, can be customised to suit luxury long weekend lets ideal for wedding venues and honeymoon getaways.

Dave and John are the father and son team behind Huts and Stuff. They have over 12 years experience meeting the uniquely different needs of each of their customers. With little more than a vague idea, or a sketch on a back of an envelope, they will design a layout that suits your needs and will let you know if they think your ideas need a little more tweaking. They want the project to work for you! And Give a return on your investment.