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The Natural Fibre Company is a specialist UK-based spinning mill which can help you create a new business. 
Originally established in Wales around 1985, we are now based in Cornwall and work with customers all across the UK and Europe.
Experienced with all types of fibre, we understand the most appropriate options for the wide diversity of fibres grown on British sheep breeds, angora goats and huacaya and suri alpacas.

Kubota – experts in farming technology  –will be attending the National Ploughing Championships

Farm Diversity editor Victoria Galligan speaks to Kubota UK’s business development manager for agriculture Rob Edwards about the changes in farming technology which are improving efficiency, and the need for more education for both farmers and consumers when it comes to protecting the environment…

Kubota is a company which hails from Japan, where the brand goes back 140 years. Not only does the firm produce farming machinery, it also manufactures a ground care range as well as industrial engines and construction machinery.  

Its motto is ‘For Earth, For Life’ and Rob says this is reflected in the way the company develops both its products and its support for farmers.

LPG icon

Farming is an energy-intensive industry, from running tractors and heating crop stores, to keeping livestock tended. This scenario is ever more pertinent during the autumn and winter months, when conditions make it more difficult for farmers to harvest, package and distribute produce. Add this to the challenges that come with heating rural, remote and off-grid agricultural locations (traditionally served by inefficient fuels like oil), and a farm’s energy supply can become quite problematic.

For farmers looking for a greener, cheaper and more effective off-grid fuel solution that’s reliable even in colder seasons, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) could be an alternative. LPG has increasingly become a go-to for farmers looking to meet ongoing heating or operational needs without compromising on outputs and the quality of their end product – or becoming dependent on an expensive alternative fuel.

Nemsays BASF

By now, farmers will have planted their vegetables and fruit produce ready to harvest throughout the summer. But, to ensure everything remains untouched by pests this year, growers should try a biological control that will save stress and time later down the line.

Nemasys Biological Fruit and Veg Protection is a fast, natural and organic solution which will help rid the allotment of pests this season. It causes no harm to non-target species and can be used on home-grown produce with confidence, as fruit and vegetables can simply be rinsed with water before being eaten.

This solution contains a mix of nematode species, which are naturally occurring microscopic worms that act as natural pest controls.

Man using portable hand wash sinks at his farm business

Hand washing sinks provide warm water facilities and meet environmental health requirements – you’ve got to hand it to Teal

The growth in new and innovative businesses operating on traditional farm locations has increased the demand for the high-quality hygienic hand washing sinks offered by Teal. They have supplied to a variety of farm operations across the UK who were seeking stand-alone sinks, free from plumbing for visitors and for staff.  

 At Old Amersham Farm in Amersham, South Bucks, founder and enthusiast Olivia began Kew Little Pigs back in 2010 and now runs her business giving the public piggy ‘experiences’ where you can enjoy pre-booked visits and get close to and learn all about their miniature pigs.

They are now firmly on the map and visitor numbers are growing year on year with additional business generated from corporate events, school visits, parties, PR and TV bookings.

Your go-to guide for choosing the perfect wellies

There are few things quite as useful in our lives than having a good pair of wellies for farming, walking dogs, gardening or simply splashing in puddles with the children. The winter weather has well and truly arrived which means now is the time to invest in a pair of good quality wellies. Whether you require a boot to keep you warm or one which can trudge through fields in this winter, Town & Country has a pair for you!

The Bosworth Wellington Boot – perfect if you want a splash of colour

If you’re looking for a wellie boot that stands out this winter, then this is the one for you! The Bosworth is a traditional length boot with a cushioned insole to give that extra bit of comfort. Made from natural rubber, these boots are comfortable to wear and have an adjustable strap for a secure fit. The contoured design features reinforced seams for strength and a steel shank for added support. Thanks to the natural rubber, these boots are bendy yet lightweight allowing you to move with ease. This style is available in Green (UK sizes 4 – 11), Navy (UK sizes 3 – 12) and Aubergine (shown in image) (UK sizes 4 – 8).  RRP £49.99.

New Landia slurry pump works wonders at dairy farmer’s AD plant

A Shropshire dairy farmer/AD operator remembers the day when his sorrow turned to joy over what he thought was a faulty flowmeter – only to later discover that it was the output created by a new slurry pump that had sent readings soaring to numbers previously not recorded by the site’s instrumentation.

“He didn’t believe it at first”, said Paul Davies from Landia.

“He wasn’t happy to begin with but didn’t mind admitting later that he thought it had been his flowmeter playing up”.

The reason for his welcome surprise was that a new pump from Landia had produced an unprecedented throughput.  Some had told the farmer that it wouldn’t work for the very tough AD/feedstock application – and initially he agreed with them – but they were all proved wrong.

mobile refrigeration hooks

With most rural and isolated farms offering quality British produce in the form of meat, preserves and dairy, being able to keep it frozen or chilled when on route to events Is essential.

Mobile refrigerated trailers offer greater flexibility, utility and functionality when transporting and selling farm produce at outdoor markets, shows and festivals.

Farmers who possess a refrigerated trailer can offer their fresh, honest produce almost anywhere in the country, no matter how far the location.

And with most trailers on the market offering up to 2,000kg of storage in up to 20 cubic metres of space, catering for large guest numbers at outdoor weddings or festivals becomes practically effortless.

Swarfega wipes in situ with tractor

Agricultural workers battle the elements daily, coming into contact with harsh contaminants on a regular basis. Relying on the hands is part of the job, and this means that agri workers can be particularly susceptible to unpleasant skin disorders. During the winter months, the risk of skin disorders increases, when the chilly temperatures and lack of moisture can exacerbate existing skin problems.

It is predicted that occupational skin disorders (OSDs) could be underestimated by a whopping 10 to 50 times, according to the European Dermatology Forum. For those who work with their hands, OSDs can be rife, and could be more common than we think in the agricultural industry.

At Fruit Logistica the Italian Company presented innovative proposals with zero environmental impact.   Arrigoni, a leading company in the design and production of protective screens and nettings for crops, focused its presence at this trade show on the agriculture of the future.

At Fruit Logistica the Italian Company presented innovative proposals with zero environmental impact.

 Arrigoni, a leading company in the design and production of protective screens and nettings for crops, focused its presence at this trade show on the agriculture of the future. A 100% sustainable and completely zero environmental impact way of producing, both for humans and for the environment.