Growstack Ltd

Growstack designs, manufactures, installs and supports multilevel growing system with full control of lighting through LEDs and irrigation feed rigs. 

These range from large modular farm scale systems that can be built into a multitude of locations from underground tunnels, to abandoned buildings and warehouses, to new and purpose designed facilities. To small scale standalone units which may be bought or rented on a monthly basis and can be supported by delivered pre-sprouted growing products to be finished then sold. These smaller units are targeted at restaurants and food service outlets but have also been bought by universities and research organisations as test beds for growing projects.

Full support for maintenance, consumables and growing advice is also available. (Note: Growstacks is a UK distributor for GE and Valoyagrowing lights).

Further Business potential

Consumer trends continue to be focused of a preference for safe hygienic food produced locally. With the continued urbanisation of populations this becomes an increasing challenge for standard agriculture models.

Multilevel hydroponic systems allow this to be achieved.

Growstack LtdIn the UK and northern Europe large scale operations can serve specific factories and supermarkets with readily available fresh produce grown using the latest technology. These can be sited close by and potentially grow all year round so taking away a reliance on long supply chains particularly in winter months.

As systems can also be used built in controlled environments they are capable of producing fresh produce with low levels of water requirement in hostile environments.

Further more the trend for “Food Theatre” and Local provenance within foodservice outlets plays into the advantages of Growstacks. Nothing is more local that a multilevel Growstack growing herbs in the corner of the restaurant. 

Multilevel growing also allows a controlled hygienic growing environment able to deliver precise quantities of product on a daily basis and can be managed to fit specific requirements, ideal for the pharmacutical industry as well as for R&D units for Universities.

These trends have driven considerable interest in Growstacks for development of largescale multilevel growing units both in the UK and Export markets from a wide range of organisation, as well as for standalone small units that can stand in restaurants, or be used for R&D research units for Universities. 

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