The Pod Pioneers and proud of it!

We were at the beginning of this glamping phenomenon and are the largest pod manufacturer in the UK. Our pod designs have been copied many times, but the true iconic design camping pod still remains with us.

Pod companies will come and go, but we will continue to grow year on year. We have pod agents all over the globe _ we are the only company to do this. We remain sharp and adventurous and intent on all rising markets for this product, always marching forwards to gain any foothold to secure new business. For us, the future is positive and we are upbeat on current and forthcoming orders.

We design and build as always in our Lake District workshop, we were established well before the birth of the pod idea in 2004 and then all that came to reality in 2006, and the camping world woke up to our iconic camping design.

Sourcing the very best of materials at all times and using the latest technology in sealants available to us, we build each pod to a solid state and a turnkey operation, we don’t build on site nor send them out as a flat pack.

Our workforce of long-standing completely under stand this iconic structure and work tirelessly to bring each pod to life. Our build quality on The Original Pod Company will never alter, we maintain focus on design, we are forward thinkers and are always challenging the structure of the simple design.

This makes us strong and solid and more than that we are reliable.A glamping pod from The Pod Company
We are happy to listen to all customers needs and requirements.
Our yard doors are are open to show you around. We also offer an on site survey and have contacts for planning help and finance options.
Once the order has been discussed and received, you will be kept informed about delivery dates and siting requirements from you.

Your business with us will be stress free that I can promise!


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Contact details are Mr Martyn Merckel

National Sales Manager 07970 175561