Could glamping be the perfect diversification project for your farm?

A recent survey found that 65% of farmers have diversified in some way and 48% of farmers are planning to start a diversification project or extend the one they already have up and running. Glamping is one such diversification strategy and is booming right now.


Glamping diversification projectWe’ve all learned to re-evaluate after the pandemic, and it’s likely you’re taking stock of your needs as well. Farming isn’t what it used to be, and making sure everything’s steady can be challenging. What seemed to be guaranteed before just isn’t anymore, and everyone’s had to adjust their sails. But, in the wake of decreased overseas travel and increased apprehension about going abroad, the glamping business has been booming. There’s never been a better time to consider a glamping venture, and there’s so much that it can offer you. 


More and more people were looking for non-abroad holidays before the pandemic even began, but we’ve now seen an absolute explosion in demand for comfortable and near-by accommodation. Travel is still high on people’s list of priorities as we’ve all spent far too much time in our homes already, but most people are looking for something more affordable. Being outdoors offers post-COVID peace of mind, as guests know they won’t be in a poorly-ventilated space. 


And of course, the huge benefit of glamping over other diversification options like holiday cottages or renewables is that your start-up costs are likely to be considerably lower and there is more opportunity for scaling your diversification project up. There is also a greater opportunity to make additional revenue streams for selling things like firewood, farm goods, pizzas - you name it, the upsell in this industry can make up more than 10% of your total revenue.  


Wigwam holidaysIf you’re in the market for diversifying your farm and increasing your monthly revenue, Wigwam Holidays can give you the support and experience you need to make the most of your investment. And there’s clearly never been a better time to do it. We have over thirty years of experience, longer than anyone else in the industry, and a brand name that you can trust to be there for you. 


Starting a new business takes a lot of work, but entering into the challenge with a wealth of knowledge behind you can make it a lot easier. Everything from planning your site layout, running your website, and advertising to customers can be assisted by our dedicated team. We’ll give you a helping hand so you enter the holiday business on the best possible foot. 


Glamping is one of the most cost effective and financially rewarding possibilities for farm diversification, and Wigwam Holidays is undoubtedly the best in the game. You’ll be able to tap into the collective knowledge of all of our 80+ successful sites and ask people running sites like yours for insights and help problem-solving. They can give you tips on hot-tubs, event-planning, and even social media.


Skip the gruelling early days of marketing your glamping site from the ground up by being a part of a pre-established brand. You’ll have the freedom to run your site how you feel is best, but the assurances of a dedicated headquarters there when you need anything. 


The glamping industry is growing like crazy, and we have the knowledge to give you a head start. If you’re looking for a way to get involved, we’ll be here. We know how this whole thing works and we want to see you do well.


Wigwam Holidays has 87 sites across the whole of the UK.


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