Your Roof Is Not the Only Place for Solar Panels

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Are your farm buildings and barns future proof? Are you concerned about massively inbee solar technology limited solar trackercreased energy prices? Are you worried about climate change and your carbon emissions?

Introducing the Heliomotion Solar Tracker - the efficient and innovative alternative to roof based solar panel systems - winner of "Best Sustainable Product or Technology award" from Build It magazine in 2022. Quick to install, no scaffolding or heavy lifting equipment required and does not take land out of agricultural production. This system was designed in Finland and is manufactured in England, from top grade steel and aluminium.


solar tracking panelUnlike roof based solar panel installation, the Heliomotion solar tracking systems follow the sun from sunrise to sunset every day. They turn from East to West and tilt to ensure they are constantly optimised throughout the day. Due to this dual-axis tracking, the Heliomotion generates around 45% more electricity than a static ground or roof mounted solar panel installation, which is only optimal for the middle few hours of the day. Ground mounting comes via either a custom steel plate and ground anchors, or a substantial concrete plinth (1 metre cube is recommended). Ground anchors are more eco friendly and can be installed in less than an hour, using an Atlas Copco Cobra hammer tool, that you can be rented from Speedy Hire. If necessary, the anchors can be removed without trace. If you are relatively handy, you can install a system yourself in a few hours, but you will need a competent electrician to install the wiring and inverter.


Bee Solar Technology can supply complete packages which include the system, panels, inverters, solar immersion diverters and battery storage if required. Heliomotion systems can be used singly or in multiples, either on or off grid. Systems are available in both green and silver powder coating and we usually have them in stock.


System benefits:

  • Complete solar energy solution to produce your own electricity
  • Straightforward installation (you can do it yourselves if you have some spanners!)
  • You can move it if necessary
  • Premium quality
  • No scaffolding required


Agricultural benefits:

  • The land around the system can still be grazed or cultivated.
  • Wildlife including bees and other pollinators are not disturbed.


Use the systems to power buildings and agricultural equipment including:

  • Milking machinery
  • Heat stables and lambing pens
  • Glamping sites including shower blocks
  • Security and lighting
  • Farm shop


Why choose a solar tracking system over roof top or static ground mount?

graph of tracking household solar usageSolar tracking systems rotate and change angle all day producing power from sunrise to sunset - see the blue line

Roof top/static systems have a shorter optimum time frame between about noon and 4 pm - see the red line.  

It is easy to understand why our tracker is around 40-45% more effective than a static system and output matches the household usage curve a lot better - see the yellow line.

Our website includes a wealth of information about the trackers, pricing, planning and electricity company regulations. The documents page will give you access to all the data sheets, assembly guides and operation manuals. You can also see photos of multiple installations around the UK and elsewhere.

Please get in touch with us by phone or email to talk about installing single or multiple systems, including solar panels, inverters, solar immersion diverters and battery storage requirements.

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