Your roof is not the only place for solar

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bee solarAre you concerned about increased energy prices and future-proofing your home regarding the effects of climate change?


If your roof is any of these: structurally weak, thatched, new slate, orientated less than optimally, (ie not south) or includes gables and veluxes, you could install a solar tracker in a sunny patch of garden, reduce your energy bills, and if you move, don't worry - you can take it with you! 


Our Heliomotion dual axis solar tracking systems tilt and rotate to follow the sun from sunrise to sunset. This enables them to generate considerably more power than a static roof or ground mounted system. The UK average is a 40 - 45% uplift, other latitudes can be higher.  In simple terms, 6 panels tracking = approximately 10 panels of a static roof system.   Because Heliomotion is ground mounted, using ground anchors or a concrete plinth, it is straightforward to install and relocate. It is available in three sizes, with two colour options, and is supplied as a kit ready for installation in less than two days (by enthusiastic DIYers,) using our fully illustrated assembly guide - downloadable from

bee-solar-panelSolar PV systems are made up of multiple panels which generate direct current (DC) electricity from sunlight, even on cloudier days. An inverter or micro inverters, (installed by a competent electrician), are required to convert the direct current into alternating current (AC) used for household appliances.  The power generated can be used throughout your home/business or exported to the grid.  

Check out our website for full pricing details - either systems on their own or packages including panels, inverters and battery storage. You’ll also find details of the mounting options, downloadable data sheets, assembly guides and performance data (including system outputs from various inverter types straight to your smartphone app - see image), plus a dedicated FAQ section and plenty of pictures of systems, from around the U.K. and the U.S.A..

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