fixed wireless access

Ultrafast broadband stand

Members of The UK Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (UKWISPA) can help you get better connected and create new revenue opportunities. Our members specialise in delivering superfast and ultrafast internet access in areas that national operators leave behind. 

Our members operate throughout the UK and really enjoy working with farmers and land owners who can help connect more customers.”Says David Burns, Chairman of UKWISPA and Managing Director of Yorkshire based operator, Boundless Networks.  “This creates great opportunities to earn rental income from space on buildings and barns for wireless equipment as well as land for small transmission sites such as telegraph poles. Most operators are happy to provide you with free connections for your own use, such as a farm house or related holiday homes etc. You get great internet and so do your visitors and guests. In addition, you are helping to connect your nearby communities with an essential service.” concludes Burns.