Free Wedding Masterclass: From Rural Land to Dream Location

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free farm masterclassLaunching a brand new, niche masterclass for those who want to diversify into outdoor weddings or are starting out on their outdoor venue journey.

In this FREE training, we will be taking you through 3 key learnings –

  • How to Set Up Your Outdoor Wedding Venue
    • Carving out your rural niche: From Concept to Celebration


  • Setting Your Venue Up for Social Success with Social Strategist Sophie from DIVA Media
    • Socialising with Scenic Charm: Maximizing Your Venue's Online Presence


  • The Power of Professional Photography for Your Venue
    • Picture-Perfect: Showcasing Your Rustic Splendour Through the Lens

📅 farm weddingDate: Thursday 16th November, 11am-12pm*

🖥️ Live in the Facebook Group (which will be emailed to you)

🗒️ Notepad and pen advised

🍰 A cuppa and cake essential!

Fill in your details at to secure your spot.

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