Why Becoming a Brit Stops Location is Beneficial For Farm Shops

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Algys Farm ShopBecoming a Brit Stops location is a simple and no-cost way for you to increase your farm shop's footfall and boost revenue. You just have to offer Britstoppers a one-night free stopover in your car park, and in exchange, they are encouraged to buy something from your shop.


Brit Stops is a membership programme for motorhomers to explore the UK by parking for a night at pubs, farm shops, and more! Becoming a Brit Stops Host is a simple way to earn more revenue by getting more visitors to your farm shop.  


Why Should My Farm Shop Become a Brit Stops Host Location?

Nearly 30,000 motorhome owners from all over Europe enjoy using Brit Stops. On average, Britstoppers spend £30-40 when they stay at Brit Stops locations. Algy’s Farm Shop, which has been a Brit Stops location, estimates that they’ve had approximately 300-400 motorhomes stay in their carpark since they became a host 5 years ago.


Algys Farm ShopIn addition to the financial benefits of being a Brit Stops location, hosts report how great of an experience they’ve had meeting motorhomers and hearing their travel stories. John, who operates Salutation Inn in Wales said this about Brit Stops, ”Having been a Brit Stops host for many years. I wanted to thank you for giving my wife and I so much pleasure by hosting so many motorhomers in our pub. We have met so many great people and spent many happy evenings in their company in the pub.” 


How Does Becoming a Brit Stops Host Location Work?

It’s quite simple: Brit Stops does not charge fees or require you to sign contracts to be a part of the programme and all you need is a parking space! You also do not need any special permits: the 1960 Caravanning Act allows premises to host 28 motorhome stays with a maximum of 2 per night officially. To sign up, fill out the form at britstops.com/hosts and you will be contacted to discuss the next steps.


Join 1,100 other UK businesses in creating adventures for motorhome tourists here. For more information, contact info@britstops.com.


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