Reconnecting with Nature: The Value of Natural Playgrounds for Farms

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In an increasingly digital and urbanised world, farms have a unique opportunity to play a pivotal role in rekindling our connection with the natural world. One way to achieve this is through the creation of natural playgrounds that will inspire and engage children, but that will also transform your farm into a vibrant destination that families will return to again and again.


churchfields farm water featureIncreasing farm revenues and visitor numbers

There are a wide range of ways that a unique and imaginative playground can benefit your farm. Natural playgrounds represent a promising avenue to generate revenue and for farm businesses to diversify and thrive in changing economic climates. Having a bespoke and engaging playground will attract more visitors, enhance visitor experience and encourage people to stay longer and spend more.


Moreover, natural playgrounds offer a unique opportunity for farms to educate the public about their operations. They can design these spaces to be both entertaining and educational, providing farm tours, workshops, and hands-on experiences that reveal the inner workings of agriculture. This not only boosts income but also fosters a greater appreciation for the hard work and dedication of farmers, which is crucial for the long-term sustainability of the industry.


Natural playgrounds also allow farms to incorporate sustainable practices into their design and maintenance. Farms can set an example for responsible living by showcasing the use of sustainable materials, rainwater harvesting, and organic gardening, aligning with the broader global effort to protect the environment.


Improving the visitor experience

The benefits of visiting families are also numerous. For children growing up in an increasingly digital and urban environment, natural playgrounds represent a bridge back to nature. These spaces provide children with the opportunity to explore and connect with the outdoors, fostering an enduring love for the natural world.


Furthermore, natural play environments encourage physical activity and unstructured play, contributing to improved physical fitness and mental health. They offer a respite from the stresses and anxieties of modern life, allowing children to develop essential life skills while having fun.


Perhaps most importantly, natural playgrounds instill in children a deep understanding of the environment and a sense of responsibility for its conservation. Interacting with ecosystems, wildlife, and sustainable practices in a fun and interactive manner sets the stage for environmentally responsible citizens of the future.


churchfield farm tractorDoubling visitors at Churchfields Farm with TouchWood Play

For farms looking to diversify and become true destinations for families and visitors, TouchWood Play offers the ultimate solution. We design, create and install high-quality, bespoke natural playgrounds to provide children with rich, creative and engaging play. We’ve worked with a wide range of organisations, including the Eden Project and Upton Country Park, to deliver unique playgrounds that engage children and drive visitor numbers.


In 2023, Churchfields Farm in Worcestershire worked with TouchWood to create a unique and bespoke adventure playground for their site. Owner Will said, ‘We were looking for a key focal point for the farm, a knockout piece that would make people say “Wow!” when they visited us and make them want to come back. We wanted something made with natural timber to blend with our beautiful rural backdrop of trees and valleys. We saw a few of TouchWood’s other projects, including William’s Den in Yorkshire and The Wave in Bristol, and knew we could trust them to create something really special.’


Our talented team worked closely with Will and his wife Gillian to create a special and bespoke playground that would meet all their needs, including the unique Churchfields tractor to create the ‘wow factor’ for visitors. The playground encompassed a wide variety of creative and engaging elements including swing sets, tunnels, slides, balance beams, sand play and a 40 metre zip wire.


The playground at Churchfields Farm has had a profound impact, doubling visitor numbers and significantly increasing return visitors. Will said, ‘Everyone's been really pleased, it's such a great attraction. We really liked the how the TouchWood team worked with us to deliver the project and we'd definitely work with them again.’


If you’re looking to create something unique, exciting and sustainable on your farm, we’d love to work with you. We provide a complimentary initial design and consultation service so get in touch with our friendly team today to make your plans a reality.


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