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Tom Kemp on the cover of Men's Health

A farmer who started his own gym on a working farm in Essex has hit the shelves nationwide as the cover star of Men’s Health.

Tom Kemp is a fitness expert, entrepreneur and farmer who is breaking the mould in the fitness industry.

Tom has become one of the fastest-growing names in the UK’s health and wellness business, built a globally recognised brand, and is challenging the way the nation works out, and works on their mental health.

Through his company Farm Fitness, Tom has converted his passion into a career: and an area of his Essex farm into 'one of the best gyms in the world' according to Men's Health – its unique outdoor workout concept with a custom training facility is located against the idyllic farmyard backdrop and active outdoor farm lifestyle.

Caravanning on a farm

Here’s how farmers can set up a caravan site, and what caravanners can do to keep warm.

“Land” they say, “is the ultimate commodity”. Aside from making good housing development and festival sites, farmers are also leasing out their agrarian lands to campers and caravanners. With an estimated 18 million separate camping and caravan expeditions in the UK every year, it’s clear there is money to be made here.

As caravanners (campers less so) we are also moving away from the seasonal limitations that our cold, northerly climate has previously impinged on us. That may be due to technological advancements — such as improved plumbing, heating, and Internet connections that can make our caravans a little cosier just like our permanent homes. 

agri-tourism - sheep

Around 62% of UK farmers are having to diversify alongside running a traditional farm, according to government figures. As farms are trying to diversify their sources of income through various entrepreneurial activities, many are looking to agri-tourism as an alternative. This form of tourism has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. For city-dwellers, farm tourism offers an opportunity to experience rural life, even just for a few days. Some of these ventures are becoming so successful that they’ve overtaken traditional farming as the primary source of income.

How then does a farm begin investing in agri-tourism? What steps should farm owners take to become successful in this project? Below, we’ll explore key investments farm owners should consider to make their farms attractive for tourism.

Bronze Otter Award Farming Conservation Being Presented to Chubbs Farm

Earlier this month a group of like-minded, local farmers, friends and colleagues turned out to Chubbs Farm, near Axminster to celebrate Phil Short winning the Devon Bronze Otter award in 2018 for the remarkable and innovative conservation work he is undertaking on his farm. Devon’s Bronze Otter Award showcases the long-term commitment to wildlife conservation and sustainable farming shown by many farmers across the county.
It was a beautiful day and Phil certainly deserved the turn out and praise for all his efforts. One guest said “It was a wonderful walk, and sad as ever that there is never time to walk more. I have never been to farm like it, where a proper working farm feels so well balanced with nature, above and below ground. I always enjoy walking there. It is a great credit to Philip and Bill”

Trouble-free safari tent

A world full of Luxury safari tents, furnished lodges and the fastest service. That is what you will get from Outstanding. The leading safari tent supplier can take care of everything. From the moment you ask them for advice to the moment the installation is complete. They lift camping to a higher level and will make sure your guests get a well-deserved vacation. 

In a period of just four years Outstanding has taken up a leading position in the relatively new world of glamping. They’re designing and producing all safari tents, glamping lodges and furniture themselves. And the results have been exceptional. Their safari tents and lodges can already be found in nearly 45 countries.

Inside A Glamping Pod In Scotland’s Newest Glamping Site 

With a beach nearby, some of Scotland’s Great Trails within easy reach and group bookings welcome, Wigwam® Holidays Cove Farm is perfect for a beautiful glamping break at Cockburnspath, situated in East Lothian, Scotland.  

Just a short drive from the A1 and close to the railway’s East Coast mainline at Dunbar, this brand new site boasts six en-suite luxury Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabins which include a kitchenette, dining facilities and comfy mattresses for up to a family of four. Each cabin is heated and insulated offering superb holiday accommodation for glamping guests. 

The site is a family affair, run by the Hoods and the Lows and is just half an hour from historic Edinburgh. The site is also secluded enough for a memorable glamping break away from the hustle and bustle for families and couples.

Co-owner of the site, Rosie Low, said: “We are delighted to be offering these fabulous luxury glamping cabins to guests who want to enjoy our fabulous location. 

Tithe Barn Shepherd Huts Parts

Tithe Barn started building beautiful, bespoke shepherd’s huts in 2011 and this was the main focus of our business for several years. However, we diversified into the selling of parts having invested in patterns for our own British cast iron wheels. Building a shepherd’s hut is not rocket science and we very quickly realised two markets were emerging – customers who wanted a hut built for them and those who wanted the satisfaction of building their own. Working closely with a few carefully selected suppliers, we gradually developed our range of products, all specifically designed for shepherd’s huts, to create the unique “one stop shop” that we offer today!

Glampsan Tuff Tank

Glampsan, a division of Plastic Solutions (Aldridge) Limited is a leading supplier of a comprehensive range of products, from plastic waste and water tanks for above and below ground applications; sewage lifting stations; pumps, water boosting tanks and supporting products used in multiple industries: in particular, camping and caravanning, glamping, agriculture and leisure.

Founded in 2010 and manufacturing in the UK, Glampsan and Plastic Solutions have refined their expertise from the initial manufacture and sale of a simple 500-gallon tank to capture waste from toilets, to now developing niche products and solutions for capturing, controlling and pumping waste and water for glampers, caravanners and campers, both on and off-grid.

Holiday letting in North Yorkshire

A North Yorkshire couple are enjoying the fruits of their labour after turning their unused farm buildings into holiday cottages. 

As they approached retirement, farmer William Heslop, 66, and his wife, Ann Lovegreen, 57, a former project manager for Darlington Borough Council, wanted to breathe new life into their arable and beef cattle farm in Gilling West, near Richmond.  

Spotting potential in three of their traditional stone-built outhouses, the couple decided to sell some of their arable land and convert the buildings into holiday homes, creating a rural retreat for guests in this stunning part of the country. 

Keen to maintain their passion for farming and livestock, the couple retained a small farm and some animals, including a small herd of belted Galloway cattle, rare breed Tamworth pigs and several sheep.