Leisure and Tourism

Retreat Homes and Lodges exterior

Nestled on the edge of a World Heritage site, the English Lake District in Cumbria, sits a unique and individual lodge manufacturing business, Retreat Homes and Lodges Limited.  

Here, with over fifty years in the industry, experienced designers and skilled craftsmen hand build bespoke lodges with thorough attention to detail and particular emphasis on the internal and external aesthetics, structure and environmental credentials.  Built to exacting standards, each Retreat complies with BS3632:2015 Residential Park Homes & National Caravan Council Specifications. 

With current clients across the length and breadth of the UK, our designers invite clients to work in partnership with them, often in the comfort of Retreat’s purpose made Specification Room in Cumbria, to ensure their exact requirements are discussed, understood and incorporated into their dream accommodation.

Playground from Monkey Business Design - where the wild things grow!

There’s plenty of research showing how spending time in nature soothes the mind and improves mental health.  Wouldn’t you sooner choose a picnic and play area that is beautifully designed and set amongst trees, ponds and other habitats, rather than an identikit playframe on a flat expanse of tarmac or wetpour?
We think so… and these are the spaces we want to make more of.  If you are a landowner keen to offer just such a garden of delights to your young visitors then we hope you’ll be in touch.

“The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out.” Bill Gates

Monkey business design - Where play meets nature

There’s plenty of research showing how spending time in nature soothes the mind and improves mental health.  Who wouldn’t sooner choose a picnic and play area that is beautifully designed and set amongst trees, ponds and other habitats, rather than an identikit playframe set on a flat expanse of wetpour?
At last there is a sense of urgency towards re-wilding Britain, which suffers one of the highest levels of depleted biodiversity alongside increasing mental health issues.  We’d like to work with landowners to address these issues.

Airsoft, one of the fastest growing combat simulation activities in the UK!

Airsoft, is similar to paintball, in that teams of people group together into organised teams at a dedicated and insured field, and shoot small projectiles at each other for fun and sport. Where airsoft differs from paintball is that airsoft is much more focused towards military simulation. Where paintball markers don’t always look like “real” guns, airsoft RIFs (Realistic Imitation Firearms) are 99% of the time, modelled after genuine firearms and are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

MWD glamping units

MWD Makers has recently unveiled a new and unique range of architect-designed highly insulated micro units that can be used as glamping pods or additional living accommodation. These designs offer the opportunity to escape the pressures of the modern world and access a simpler and slower pace of life closer to nature.
People are more than ever in need of rediscovering physicality and a sense of place, and this is something that closer contact with nature can provide. MWD Makers design simple living spaces that satisfy people’s cravings to reconnect with the wild. MWD Makers take pleasure in the handmade, the use of local, natural materials and the enjoyment of simple things, believing that real luxury derives from the ability to live in harmony with one’s environment.

Tom Kemp on the cover of Men's Health

A farmer who started his own gym on a working farm in Essex has hit the shelves nationwide as the cover star of Men’s Health.

Tom Kemp is a fitness expert, entrepreneur and farmer who is breaking the mould in the fitness industry.

Tom has become one of the fastest-growing names in the UK’s health and wellness business, built a globally recognised brand, and is challenging the way the nation works out, and works on their mental health.

Through his company Farm Fitness, Tom has converted his passion into a career: and an area of his Essex farm into 'one of the best gyms in the world' according to Men's Health – its unique outdoor workout concept with a custom training facility is located against the idyllic farmyard backdrop and active outdoor farm lifestyle.

Caravanning on a farm

Here’s how farmers can set up a caravan site, and what caravanners can do to keep warm.

“Land” they say, “is the ultimate commodity”. Aside from making good housing development and festival sites, farmers are also leasing out their agrarian lands to campers and caravanners. With an estimated 18 million separate camping and caravan expeditions in the UK every year, it’s clear there is money to be made here.

As caravanners (campers less so) we are also moving away from the seasonal limitations that our cold, northerly climate has previously impinged on us. That may be due to technological advancements — such as improved plumbing, heating, and Internet connections that can make our caravans a little cosier just like our permanent homes. 

agri-tourism - sheep

Around 62% of UK farmers are having to diversify alongside running a traditional farm, according to government figures. As farms are trying to diversify their sources of income through various entrepreneurial activities, many are looking to agri-tourism as an alternative. This form of tourism has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. For city-dwellers, farm tourism offers an opportunity to experience rural life, even just for a few days. Some of these ventures are becoming so successful that they’ve overtaken traditional farming as the primary source of income.

How then does a farm begin investing in agri-tourism? What steps should farm owners take to become successful in this project? Below, we’ll explore key investments farm owners should consider to make their farms attractive for tourism.

Bronze Otter Award Farming Conservation Being Presented to Chubbs Farm

Earlier this month a group of like-minded, local farmers, friends and colleagues turned out to Chubbs Farm, near Axminster to celebrate Phil Short winning the Devon Bronze Otter award in 2018 for the remarkable and innovative conservation work he is undertaking on his farm. Devon’s Bronze Otter Award showcases the long-term commitment to wildlife conservation and sustainable farming shown by many farmers across the county.
It was a beautiful day and Phil certainly deserved the turn out and praise for all his efforts. One guest said “It was a wonderful walk, and sad as ever that there is never time to walk more. I have never been to farm like it, where a proper working farm feels so well balanced with nature, above and below ground. I always enjoy walking there. It is a great credit to Philip and Bill”

Trouble-free safari tent

A world full of Luxury safari tents, furnished lodges and the fastest service. That is what you will get from Outstanding. The leading safari tent supplier can take care of everything. From the moment you ask them for advice to the moment the installation is complete. They lift camping to a higher level and will make sure your guests get a well-deserved vacation. 

In a period of just four years Outstanding has taken up a leading position in the relatively new world of glamping. They’re designing and producing all safari tents, glamping lodges and furniture themselves. And the results have been exceptional. Their safari tents and lodges can already be found in nearly 45 countries.