Farmer and cow getting ready for the Prince's Farm Resilience Program

There are still spaces for farming families to sign up to get FREE business skills training through The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme, organised by The Prince’s Countryside Fund and delivered in Garstang, Lancashire.

Aimed at dairy, beef, and sheep farmers, the Programme helps farming families to make changes to improve their business – 83% of farmers said they have made greater efficiencies because of taking part, and 9 in 10 feel more confident for the future. 

Comprised of a series of workshops delivered by experts, the Programme looks at topics such as practical cost management, business planning, succession and managing your farmed environment. 

room using vertical farming with pink lights

Netled Oy, Finnish specialists in vertical farming systems and greenhouse lighting solutions, have signed a long-term framework agreement with Astwood Infrastructure to supply equipment for industrial-scale vertical farms. Read what this means for vertical farming here. 

oilseed rape

Don’t be too hasty dropping winter oilseed rape (WOSR) from rotations based on short-term performance, says Mike Thornton, head of crop production for leading agronomy firm, ProCam. Projections of its profitability relative to winter wheat for harvest 2019 could nudge it back closer into contention, he believes, especially when its wider agronomic benefits are also taken into account.

According to Mr Thornton, figures from ProCam 4Cast, the company’s annual ‘big data’ analysis of thousands of hectares, show the profitability of WOSR dropped below that of winter wheat for the first time in several years last harvest – with WOSR gross margins on the top 25% of farms falling from £1,083/ha to £850/ha from harvest years 2017 to 2018, while winter wheat jumped from £1,014/ha to £1,250/ha. However, this switchover was largely due to a rise in cereal prices after the drought-affected 2018 harvest, he says, while OSR prices remained relatively static.

Rural farm

New data from rural insurer NFU Mutual shows that losses to British farmers from theft hit a seven-year high of £50m in 2018.

As a result of these crimes, farmers are reporting increased levels of anxiety and isolation to NFU Mutual agents.

A massive 26% rise in claims for stolen farm vehicles to £7.4m last year, was behind the overall increase. With animal theft claims also rising to 3.7%.

No-deal Brexit would be "disastrous" for UK Farming

The National Farmers‘ Union has warned about the “absolutely disastrous” impact a no-deal Brexit could have on the farming and agriculture industry.

President Minette Batters said leaving the European Union without an agreed deal could, for example, force shepherds to slaughter their flocks as they lose access to European markets for British lamb.

Speaking on Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday, she said: “We’ve said consistently that it would be socially and economically absolutely disastrous for the sector.”

Ms Batters explained there were 15 million breeding ewes across the country, making it the second-largest producer of sheep meat in the world.

farming dates for your diary

Whether it’s a trade show, conference or country show, we’ve highlighted some of the biggest farming events in the calendar which will help you develop rural diversity…

farm technology - a man using a phone in a wheat field

The government has today announced £22million in farm technology funding to support farmers in reducing waste and boosting crops in an ecological way, leading to calls from industry experts for more training on how to achieve such goals.

Science Minister Chris Skidmore said in a statement today that the new technologies adopted will help UK farmers cut down on pollution, minimise waste and produce more food.

Boy with goat at Open Farm Sunday

People are more engaged, passionate and informed about farming practices and environmental issues than ever, according to farmers who hosted LEAF Open Farm Sunday 2019 (LOFS) events.

National organisers Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF) have reported that over 230,000 people visited a working farm in England, Wales or Scotland on Sunday 9th June as part of farming’s annual open day. The feedback from both farmers and visitors indicates a growing interest in British agriculture, food production, and in particular sustainable farming practices for land management, soil and water health as well as the role of technology.

Farmer with a stewardship agreement in field
Thousands of farmers in stewardship agreements will be fully paid for environmental work in July 
Payments will be made in full in July to eligible farmers in agri-environment schemes who are still waiting to be paid, the government has confirmed today (19 June). 
Farmers and land managers in Environmental Stewardship (ES) and Countryside Stewardship (CS) agreements do important work to protect the countryside. However, a significant number of agreement holders have not yet received full payment for work they have undertaken.
ES and CS customers with unpaid annual revenue claims, some dating back to 2015, will receive a payment for the full amount they are owed by the end of July. 
Elizabeth Armstrong Warns Farming Families Following Landmark Ruling

Darlington-based law firm Latimer Hinks has highlighted to the agricultural community just how important it is to undertake proper planning at an early stage following a landmark proprietary estoppel judgment relating to a family farming business.

The recent case centred on the estate of farming business owner Frank Habberfield, and a dispute between his 82-year old widow and youngest daughter about ownership. When Frank passed away in 2014, he left his entire estate to his wife. However, his daughter Lucy brought a claim against her mother alleging that her parents had promised her ownership of the farm upon their retirement. Mrs Habberfield denied this claim.

The England and Wales High Court found in favour of Lucy, and her mother will now be forced to sell the home she has occupied for 40 years in order to fulfil the £1.17 million cash settlement awarded to her daughter.