two types of storage tanks

If you live on a farm or in a remote location, then it’s likely that you will require storage tanks for your heating oil, fuel, and waste management needs. Being able to manage these facilities on site is often a necessity, although it can also bring about countless benefits including cost-savings and lower carbon emissions. Here is everything you need to know about using storage tanks on your rural property. 

Three crop rule lifted after crops flooded from wet winter

The Government is announcing new measures today (Friday 20 March) to help farmers recover from recent flooding. 
A £6 million pot of funding to help farmers recover from flooding in February will be provided through a further extension to the Farming Recovery Fund. 
Support will be available for farmers affected by recent flooding in parts of East and North Yorkshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire and Herefordshire. 

Tarps for farmers

Tarpaulin sheets made from a Swiss patented composite material that is 100% water and frost proof, 100% recyclable, tear proof, chemical resistant and has a five-year guarantee are set to be a boon to farmers.
Conventional tarps are made from woven material and the water proofing is sprayed on.  Over time, use and storage the water proofing breaks down, particularly along crease lines.  The new Rainexo tarps from Bio Green offer an entirely new high-tech approach.
Rainexo tarps are produced using a cross laminated process and the 100% waterproof membrane is sandwiched between the top and bottom layers creating a material that is totally water, frost and chemical resistant as well as being tear and puncture resistant, flexible and 100% recyclable.

Kubota - tractor on field

With an ever-increasing number of farmers choosing to diversify, one message that often gets lost in translation is the fact that diversification doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning all agricultural roots. Instead, it can be about spotting a gap in the market, recognising that you can fill it and modifying or even just expanding your business in order to do so. 

This is exactly what North Norfolk based pig farmer and owner of North Farm Livestock, Michael Baker decided to do. 

North Farm Livestock was founded in 1982 and initially operated as an indoor pig producer. The business moved to outdoor production in the 1990’s as part of a pioneering trail and a seen opportunity to expand their product offering. It subsequently expanded its outdoor breeding and finishing operations to become a key supplier of free-range Hampshire pig products to a major UK based supermarket.

agriculture equipment

AGCO Finance, a global provider of financing solutions for agricultural equipment, today launched its white paper on the potential of Servitization for the agriculture industry. Despite Servitization has already settled within several industries and showcased numerous advantages, its maturity level within agriculture is still low. AGCO Finance however, firmly believes in the value of this concept and bundled its observations and own experiences into a white paper. Through this report the company aims to support its customers to optimally prepare their businesses for this trend and to leverage the benefits it can provide.

Innovative water-saving device from Yorkshire

An innovative agricultural device invented in Yorkshire, which maximises water retention for crops by up to 99 per cent to boost crop yields, has been nominated for a national farming award.

Launched by Aquagronomy Ltd, the Wheel Track Roller Combi has been developed by retired Yorkshire farmer Charles Creyke and has made the shortlist of the British Farming Awards in the category of Machinery Innovator of the Year. Charles recognised the problem of large tractors and heavy machines causing universal compaction of soil which restricts the infiltration of water, resulting in flooding.

The Wheel Track Roller Combi is a practical solution for farmers to reduce surface water run-off and can be used for a range of horticultural and agricultural crops. The self-cleaning Wheel Track Roller, which has proven itself during extensive trials backed by Government sponsors including Defra and The Environment Agency, features a uniquely shaped plastic roller which forms angled, elongated reservoirs holding the surface water until it naturally drains into the root systems of the adjoining crop.

Dynamic female strawberry grower proves sustainability and quality can go hand in hand when it comes to fruit production.

Dynamic female strawberry grower proves sustainability and quality can go hand in hand when it comes to fruit production.

With increasing pressure from consumers for low environmental impact, premium quality fresh ingredients, Yorkshire Strawberry grower, Annabel Makin - Jones, has been striving to produce sustainable yet excellent quality fruit for the British market from her family farm. Over the past 15 years she has been refining the process to ensure the carbon footprint of the strawberries is as low as possible whilst still providing the best possible berries. Her new ecofriendly brand is not only sold in 100% biodegradeable packaging but the Princes Trust benefit from the sale of every punnet.

room using vertical farming with pink lights

Netled Oy, Finnish specialists in vertical farming systems and greenhouse lighting solutions, have signed a long-term framework agreement with Astwood Infrastructure to supply equipment for industrial-scale vertical farms. Read what this means for vertical farming here. 

crops grown in vertical farming

Vertical farming; agriculture’s latest innovative solution to helping producers provide crops regardless of land reduction and stock demand. Here you can read how vertical farming can be used in farm diversification for the production of beer.

Forklift brush cleaning farm flooring

Barry Crackett, from cleaning brushware retailer Brushtec, tells us why cleaning our farm flooring is important and what we can use to clean our floors effectively.